An Integrated Highway Maintenance Management System

HMS-2 is an integrated highway maintenance management system. It is a new concept in maintenance management systems being designed to be open to the road agency to enable tuning of the activities of the system to local conditions following an initial consultation period without the necessity to rely on external consultants. HMS-2 comes as a simple to mount software package for use on any IBM compatible high specification PC. It is designed to be compatible with the latest economic models such as HDM-4 and indeed has been developed in and by the Highways Group of the University of Birmingham, who are responsible for the Technical Secretariat of HDM-4 working to the World Road Association.

HMS-2 is written in Visual Basic with a choice of either an SQL Server or Microsoft ACCESS 97© as the database and is placed in a WINDOWS© environment for ease of use by different categories of user.



The HMS-2 software provides the following:

  • A database for storing and retrieving of all relevant inventory items occurring on a road network.
  • A continuously updated database for storing and retrieving road condition information.
  • A clearly auditable and flexible process for periodic maintenance treatment selection.
  • A clearly auditable and flexible process for the prioritization of periodic maintenance activities.
  • Reports on average condition by district, road class and traffic group together with annual trends.
  • Maintenance lists by activity, network, sub-network, road or section.
  • A graded security system to ensure the integrity of data